Verywell Family has honored the Cocoon Swaddle as a top 10 Swaddle of the year!  The article highlights our #1 best-seller and mama favorite, the Cocoon Swaddle - see all available styles.  And because I know you just can't wait to read on, here are highlights from the article...


 "Before you come home with your baby, you’ll probably learn how to do a blanket swaddle, but getting those perfect every time can be difficult, especially when it’s 2 a.m. and all you want is to go back to sleep. Swaddles, blankets with extra features and shapes that help keep a newborn baby wrapped up like a burrito, can go a long way toward making infants feel safe and secure, mimicking the feeling of being in the womb. We put 14 swaddles through multiple tests with the help of some adorable, tiny testers to find the best swaddles for families at any skill level.

"Swaddling has been scientifically proven to soothe upset babies because it mimics pressure similar to the pressure felt in their mother’s womb," Ashton McCutchen, a certified pediatric sleep consultant and pediatric registered nurse, tells Verywell Family. "Swaddling also helps your baby control their startle reflex, which is what causes their arms and legs to jolt when startled by noise or movement."

Swaddles are not one-size-fits-all, so you’ll need to buy the appropriate size for your baby’s age and weight.


"Whether taken at the hospital or home, newborn photo shoots are memories captured for a lifetime. The beautiful (and reversible) pattern options, like saged eucalyptus or ivory wildflowers, of the Mama Coco Cocoon Swaddle are photo-worthy." 

"The cocoon is made up of two attached pouches: You slip the baby into one side and then tuck the second side over the first." 

"While patterns and colors are nice, you should absolutely evaluate swaddles based on functionality first," McCutchen tells Verywell Family.

Trust me, when your baby has the inevitable 3 a.m. blowout [...] the last thing you will want to fool with are tons of confusing straps, cheap zippers that get stuck, or 10 pieces of Velcro that snag every piece of fabric it encounters.

Look for something simple to use and made with quality materials." 



We couldn't agree more and are grateful to be considered a top 10 swaddle of the year!!


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February 17, 2023 — MAMA COCO