ABOUT – Mama Coco

 Mama Coco® provides fastener-free everyday essentials designed to make dressing your baby simple and fuss-free.  The shapes are comfortable, the fabric soft and stretchy, the innovative patent-pending designs fastener-free, making dressing easier than ever for both baby and mama.  No more blanket origami for swaddling.  No frustrating snaps or buttons to match up.  No noisy velcro to wake baby.  No zippers to pierce your baby's precious skin.  No magnetic energy near your baby.  No over-the-head dressing.  

Simply fuss-free and easy as can be.

Mama Coco has been a true passion project come to life which began forming as I experienced being a first time mama to my son, Beckham.  The first couple months were quickly becoming a blur of nurse, sleep, repeat with dozens of diaper changes, blowouts and spit-ups in between.  And, let's be honest, very, very little sleep.  I quickly came to realize that the simpler the garment, the easier my life would be - quicker changes, happier baby, more sleep (yes, please!).  So began my quest for the simplest garments with the least amount of fasteners, preferably none.  When my middle of the night nursing while mobile browsing repeatedly came up empty I knew I had to dive right in and find a solution for myself and all the mamas, dadas and care takers out there.  Ideation began and now here we are!

All garments and accessories are made with love here in Los Angeles, California.

I hope you enjoy and congratulations on your precious little one!

Loves and cuddles,